Dentist in Astoria

Our dentist in Astoria, Queens, Dr. Tony Chen D.D.S., has been providing quality dental service to the local community area for many years. We take great care to provide you with a clean and comfortable atmosphere, so that you and your family can feel confident coming to your appointments when you visit our offices.

Our dental office is located on 31-56 Steinway Street, Astoria. Astoria is a middle class and commercial neighborhood with a population of 154,000 in the northwestern corner of New York City borough of Queens. Astoria was orginially called Hallet's Cove. (Source: Wikipedia)

We offer a full line of dental services. This includes preventive dental care, so that we can help you keep your teeth and gums in good health. Oral health is extremely important to healthy teeth and gums, so we’re available any time to schedule regular dental exams for you. Our comprehensive exams include screenings for oral cancer, a gum disease check, and teeth cleanings. Our state of the art office is equipped for digital x-rays and other technological advances that make dentistry easier for both dentist and patient.

Our dentist in Astoria also specializes in restorative dental care, which includes repairing and enhancing the look of teeth, repairing gums, and improving the mouth and oral health in general. We perform fillings, dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, partial dentures, and root canals, all in our dental office. Our teeth cleanings are done with ultrasonic devices and our fillings natural looking and painless. We provide our patients guards to protect against teeth grinding and gnashing, and can also perform deep cleaning and scaling when needed. We pride ourselves in providing the best in pediatric care as well, which helps all of our young patients learn about positive dental habits. We enjoy educating patients both young and old in proper oral care habits such as flossing and brushing, and the importance of yearly cleanings.

Along with those services mentioned we also perform teeth whitening, teeth bleaching and tooth bonding. Our whitening is done using the ZOOM teeth bleaching system, and if desired, we can also provide patients with porcelain veneers in order to restore their smiles back to a whiter and brighter state.

Hours of Operation

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